Worst Bodybuilding Injuries Ever

FACT: Lifting heavy weight on a repeated period will result in injuries. Some will probably be worse than many others but you’ll finally do something wrong and the result ain’t gonna be fairly. I am not trying to be patronizing here, it is just the cold hard fact.

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Shit happens, we’re humans and as such we’re to make mistake every now or there. Perhaps you attempt to impress the sexy checkout counter woman with your bench press and wind up almost decapitating yourself. Perhaps you try to mill out that extra rep you have been chasing for months and your body says “nope, we are done for now” and before you know it, you’ve a torn bicep.

Now imagine what happens when enormous ass dudes that are jacked and powerful as a job start reaching a little out of their own bodies limits. You won’t need to imagine as, like Santa Clause, I have a list and I am checking it twice.

1. Calum Von Moger — Bicep Tear

Calum Von Moger has been the hot new thing from the Body Building sector for the last couple of decades. He has the charm, the childhood, his social networking game is powerful and he kinda sorta looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Late 2017 following a coaching session with Chris Bumstead he chose to perform some tandem curling together with the traditional Physique competitor. The end result wasn’t that good.

They try it, the pub hardly goes up. They go to get another curl and Calum’s right biceps calls it a night and pops. He went through recovery, surgery and has been on his way into getting back in shape and well…let’s just say, we will see him on this listing.

2. Ronnie Coleman- Several Back Injuries

First thing comes to your mind as you speak about Ronnie Coleman it is him yelling “yeah buddy” in the very top of his lungs because a self-motivation purpose. Then the next thing you will recall is him squatting 800 pounds and leg pressing on a literal tonne of weight reduction.

All the years of lifting heavy for repetitions have finally begun to catch up to Ronnie. In September he moved to his third significant back operation, 11th complete since retiring. The prognosis isn’t so good, but there is a significant chance he will not have the ability to walk in any way.

3. Scott Mendelson — Pec Tear

Scott Mendelson is a veteran arm wrestler and powerlifter. He specializes in the bench press and it has won a lot of competition wins at the super heavyweight class. You could say he is a fairly major deal from the powerlifting community in 2013.

He had been competing at a powerlifting competition and as a massive man he is, he moved after a few enormous amounts on the bench press. He went for 645 pounds, which could have gone better but he pulled through. He then attempted his shot at setting a world record with a brain numbing 715 pounds raw bench press. Let us just say that things did not go his way.

4. Calum Von Moger- Knee and Bicep Tear

Well, look who is back on this listing! Recovering from his biceps tear, he moved to Australia and also did a little rock climbing. He lost his equilibrium speedily attempting to descent from a clip, lost his equilibrium and that which went horribly wrong. He tore his knee and partly re-tore his leg.

5. J.P. Fux- Multiple Quad and Knee Tear

J.P. blasted onto the bodybuilding scene from the early 90’s and has been among those men that represented a new age of bodybuilding. He was enormous, thick, ripped and seemed monstrous on point. Back in 2002 he had been doing a photoshoot using FLEX magazine and also for the purposes of this stated photograph shoot, he did several sets of thick skwatz.

On his final set he place 675 pounds on the bar and moved down and difficult with all the burden on his spine. Pushing back the weight up something went horribly wrong and J.P. went crashing down into one of the oddest bodybuilding injuries.

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